A scoreboard application for Capture The Flag events designed to be easy to use and deploy. Features a simple, material design.


A password hashing library that takes advantage of the standard implementation of Scrypt built for Go.


A tool designed to help developers with large refactoring efforts. Developers can add "tags" to their code inside of comments, which clink will reference when changes to marked sections of code change. This enables you to create semantic links throughout your codebase.


An application built for the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative. Miru can be configured to periodically run scripts to check for changes on websites, and displays information about sites that have been determined to have changed enough to require archiving.


A simple Lisp interpreter. The dialect of Lisp (Fig) that the interpreter (Unicorn) is designed to enable very simple data transformations on configuration parameters. Unicorn outputs JSON, YAML, and Go code to contain generated configurations.


My first Node.js project- a browser-based IRC client with a very minimal, pleasant user interface.